We Are All One Under The Sun

Mt. Peale Animal Sanctuary and Healing Center
(Mt. Peale Inn & Cabins)

Assisting Injured, Diseased, Deformed and Abandoned Animals

"Until one has loved an animal, a part of one's soul remains unawakened." Anatole France


Hi my name is Bubba. I am a light colored Tabby with "beautiful" and I mean "beautiful" long hair. When I arrived at the Sanctuary I was considered a "special needs" cat, which of course just means I am special.

I was out of balance, overweight and I was on a type of food that caused me to experience bowel distress, Yuck! I was unable to care for myself due to my size. What s a cat to do? Of course, get checked in at the Mt Peale Animal Sanctuary!

I am now eating a grain-free diet and getting exercise at least six hours a day. I get along with other cats and in fact have nutured some of the other cats. I would be a marvelous house cat and I love being outside during the day. I would rather have the comforts of home and not be outside when it gets dark at night wouldn't you?

Come and see how fluffy I am and how the sactuary has gotten me into the greatest shape ever.

Jane Fonda eat your heart out.